Beautiful Gazebos Built From Premium Materials

For a gazebo that turns heads and completely transforms your backyard or garden, call GroundWorks in Greensboro today. Our team of gazebo builders specializes in wooden gazebos, screened gazebos, and other varieties. From private, garden gazebos to public, multi-purpose gazebos, GroundWorks does it all.

Your Trusted Gazebo Builder

GroundWorks has a reputation throughout the Greensboro area for building unique, durable gazebos in every style. Many homeowners request garden gazebos that complement their backyard’s foliage or serve as a centerpiece to the rest of their hardscape landscaping. When business owners contact us for a gazebo design, their needs are often met by structures built from strong, durable materials that are easily maintained.

When you meet with a GroundWorks gazebo designer, all of your needs and preferences will be discussed. No matter what your vision looks like, we want to make it happen. If that includes a stained, wooden gazebo that matches your deck, great! If it includes a screened gazebo you can use as a personal backyard oasis year-round, perfect!

What to expect from a GroundWorks gazebo design:

  • Materials overview. Some property owners have a very specific idea of what type of wood they prefer and what color it should be. If you are unsure, our designers will take you through your options and highlight the advantages of each.
  • Design specs. Before designing and building your gazebo, we will survey your backyard, garden, or lawn so that the structure fits within the space and style you have. Our design specs will show you exactly how we came up with what we did.
  • Maintenance guidelines. Although every gazebo built by GroundWorks is built from premium materials and will last a very long time, it may require some minor maintenance or updates as time goes on.

Gazebos are a fantastic feature for homeowners who embrace outdoor living. Business owners appreciate the modern, stylish touch they can give to a commercial property. GroundWorks is experienced in working with both types of property owners and can provide something remarkable for you too!

Call us in Greensboro at (336) 275-1646 or complete the contact form below to learn more and get started  on your new gazebo design today!

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