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GroundWorks will complete your residential or commercial excavation project on time, on budget. When the job is finished, we are still available for customer support service. Although our excavation services are designed to provide you with a long-lasting foundation, we will always follow-up.

Personal Attention, Professional Excavation Support

While some excavation companies will work on a project, pack up, and leave without following through, GroundWorks will. Our team of excavation and grading professionals takes pride in providing personal service where customer satisfaction always comes first. If your plans change, we are happy to adapt. If your timeline moves, we will do our best to accommodate. GroundWorks excavation contractors don’t just work in Greensboro, we live here too! Making sure that the job is not only done, but done right, is the number one priority.

Whether you are a new homeowner with a serious need for yard excavation, or you’re a business owner with a plot of wild land and no parking lot, we can give you the solution you’re looking for. So what makes GroundWorks so different?

  • Our services are comprehensive. A lot of times, property owners hire an excavation company, a land grading company, a drainage specialist for water management, and a hardscape expert for everything else. GroundWorks is experienced in all of these fields.
  • We are a local, trustworthy partner. After 20 years serving Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and Burlington, we have earned a reputation of trustworthiness. We value your business and will work hard for you.
  • GroundWorks is affordable. Have a large excavation project in mind but worried about the cost? We are reasonably priced and will work with you to create a budget you are comfortable with.

Perhaps most importantly, our team of excavation professionals is always available. We know that questions come up and the unexpected can happen. GroundWorks will always be there with the information you want and service you need.

Call us in Greensboro at (336) 275-1646 or complete the contact form below to learn more and get started  on your land development project today!

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