Drainage Systems for Stormwater, Surface Water, and More

Effective drainage solutions are essential for property owners in the Greensboro area. GroundWorks offers an unmatched expertise in lawn drainage, stormwater drainage, and more. Protect your property and maintain landscaping by calling GroundWorks today!

Water Flow Management & Control Services

A high-quality drainage system is extremely valuable for North Carolina residents, especially in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point areas. As our state consistently ranks near the top ten nationally in per-year precipitation, it’s a good idea to take water drainage seriously.

Preparing your home or business for rainfall will ward off:

  1. Flooded lawns — There is nothing more unsightly when it stops raining than a lawn flooded with puddles. Proper lawn drainage will keep your lawn looking great and also prevent stormwater from damaging your landscaping.
  2. Driveway or walkway floods — Walkways are pretty useless when they flood with rainwater every time there’s a storm! GroundWorks installs water drainage systems that direct water away from walkways, protecting them from flooding.
  3. Interior floods — GroundWorks can install highly effective french drains that are installed on slopes around the property. If you have noticed surface water in your basement, french drains are a great option.

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