Receive a Professional Assessment of your Property’s Drainage

Lawn drainage inspections are an often overlooked precaution in the prevention of serious rain and flood damage. Although most homeowners have seen the effects of flood damage, few expect such a thing to happen to them. GroundWorks makes drainage inspections as quick and easy as possible to give you serious peace-of-mind.

Preventing Flood Damage to your Property

GroundWorks has the flood damage prevention experience to set you up with the information you need. After a quick visit from one of our landscape drainage professionals, you will know exactly what your risks are and what steps to take.

Consider contacting GroundWorks today if you have noticed any of the following in your Greensboro-area home:

  • Standing water — If you notice puddles on your property that seem to never go away, there is an obvious drainage problem in your landscaping. GroundWorks can propose solutions like: french drains, positive drains, and more.
  • Water stains in the basement — Water stains stemming from high up on basement or lower-level walls is a sign that water is being directing to the home and not away from it.
  • Mildew — Mildew often appears as evidence of rain damage in a building’s lower-level. If you have noticed mildew smell in your property’s basement, it is time to have the area inspected.
  • Erosion to your foundation — Many homeowners note that after a heavy rain, water stands against their foundation slab. Over time, this can erode the slab or cause damaging cracks.
  • Overflowing gutters — Gutters are the first defense against rain damage, but when the overflow and gush rainwater every time there is a storm, they aren’t serving their purpose. This may be due to a blockage or fundamental flaw in your landscaping.

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